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Marlene H. Dortch, Secretary Federal Communications Commission Office of the Secretary 445 12th Street, SW Room TW-A325 Washington, DC 20554 CG Docket Nos. 03-123 and 10-51 I am a deaf person who uses Video Relay Services (VRS) for my communication with hearing people. VRS is a communication tool I use every day. I am writing because I am very concerned about the Federal Communication Commission's (FCC's) recent proposals to change the way VRS works. I can't imagine life without the current services I use. I don't want to see those services change! The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) moved deaf people forward and opened up opportunities for us. The ADA assured deaf people (like me) that we will have access to "functionally-equivalent" communication communication choices and services similar to those enjoyed by hearing people. To date, Video Relay Service (VRS) is the most functionally-equivalent communication service for deaf people. I am concerned that if the FCC's proposals go into effect, I won't have what the ADA promised me choice in my VRS equipment. I want to keep options available in choosing products that were designed for deaf people. .I want choices. I am concerned that if the FCC's proposals go into effect, I won't have a choice in my VRS provider. I don't want my calls to be routed through a centralized database that would assign my calls to different providers. Hearing people have a choice in service providers. I want a choice. I am concerned that if the FCC's proposals go into effect and there are rate cuts for VRS providers, the quality of my service will suffer. I'm concerned that with very limited resources, VRS providers might have to make changes that would result in longer hold times, unreliable service and less training for interpreters. Hearing people have a choice to choose quality service. I don't want VRS quality to suffer because VRS providers have no choice but to cut aspects of their service. Please fulfill the promises of the ADA! I want functional equivalency. I want choices in equipment, providers and quality. Please ensure that the VRS services I currently enjoy are maintained. Sincerely, Name: e likacp,-7:3 Title: Address: 4 5 Y-o Telephone Number: 7 7 3 _